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Laurel Leaf Wellness

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Laurel Leaf Wellness is a space for a variety of healing practitioners to offer their gifts to those who may benefit from non-traditional healing modalities.  We have just opened and are in a season of growth. That means that different practitioners may come once a month, once a week or be available more frequently. If you see an appointment, you will want to scoop it up fast as most appointments will be limited.  We are also looking for other non-traditional practitioners to join our space. If you or someone you know would be interested in offering their gifts at Laurel Leaf Wellness, please e-mail

Our current modalities include:


Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) 

With Jamie

*By special request only at this time*

*90 minutes/$125 (90-minute appointments ONLY)

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With Laura

***HOLIDAY SPECIAL 60 minutes/$50 - Regular Price 60 minutes/$75***
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Private Yoga

With Laura

Yoga is a tool for calming the fluctuations of your mind, easing anxiety and bringing balance to your being through physical postures, breathwork and meditative tools. The benefits of bringing this tool into a private, personalized session are endless. Come see for yourself what personalized Yoga can do for you!

Each Private Yoga Session is tailored to YOUR needs, YOUR body, YOUR goals.

  • Private - 1 for $60/ 2 for $110/ 3 for $150
  • Semi-Private (register with a  Yoga buddy) - 1 for $40pp /  2 for $70pp /  3 for $90pp
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With Kelly

Various Energy Medicine practices are found in diverse cultures and healing traditions throughout the world; these treatments are aimed at healing imbalances in the energy fields in and around the human body. During Energy Medicine Massage specific physical touch, intuition, energy meridians and Donna Eden techniques are used to calm your nervous system, remove blocked energy and clear your chakras. The benefits of receiving this modality include reduction of pain, anxiety and fatigue, as well as promoting deep relaxation and increased feelings of well-being. * This is a hands-on, full body modality similar to traditional massage.

60 minutes/$95

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With Kelly

*By special request only at this time*

Lomi Lomi Nui, otherwise known as Hawaiian Temple bodywork, is a massage modality that is often sought out during times of great transition and during significant life events such as birthdays, career changes, and weddings. It is seen as a gift of renewal and rebirth.  Lomi Lomi moves stagnant or stuck energy out of the body, thus creating room for new energy, and the space for renewal and rebirth. The ultimate goal of this modality is to open the heart.  *Please note this modality is done in a state of almost complete undress. There is a sheet covering for private parts below the waist, with the chest uncovered.

60 minutes/$110

Available: Upon Request. Please email for available dates.

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Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

With Lisa

Our amazing bodies are designed to be at ease. Injury, stress and unresolved emotional energy can be stored in our bodies. We experience this in physical ways, such as pain, tension, inflammation, and limited mobility. CST, with its subtle manipulation of the cranial and sacral bones, and light hands-on touch, invites your body to self-correct, release areas of constriction, and to remember the space of ease. Lisa is open to offering this modality to adults and anyone over the age of 12.

$108 for an Initial Evaluation (90 minutes)
$87 for follow-up sessions (75 minutes)

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Stay tuned for more practitioners and available appointments
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